Father and daughter hugging and smiling at a graduation ceremony.

There are so many benefits to earning your degree in four years, while you are in college and after. Such benefits include:

  • A clear four-year plan of what courses to take and when.
  • Additional sections of many classes and added seats in many more.
  • A knowledgeable advisor to support you, guide you, and help you monitor and assess your progress.
  • Career planning assistance and resources for on-campus and future employment. 
  • Financial aid well-checks.
  • Gaining the ability to enter the next phase of your life (like starting graduate school or your career) sooner.
  • More potential savings by keeping debt to a minimum and becoming gainfully employed sooner.
  • UB will cover the cost of tuition and comprehensive fees for any remaining required courses (or honor a course waiver or substitution) if you fulfill all obligations of the pledge and still cannot graduate in four years.