Generation Honors

group of a few dozen people posing for a photo outside.

Generation Honors offers an opportunity for underrepresented minority Honors scholars to develop a deep sense of community, build lasting connections and leverage key campus resources starting the summer before the first year and lasting through graduation.

Why Join Generation Honors?

Each year, a cohort of 20-25 students participate in Generation Honors. Here are a few of the benefits for students:
  • Summer bridge programming is offered before the start of the year for first-year students; topics include research, student life, scholarships, goal setting and support services.
  • Fall weekend retreat.
  • Ongoing academic, experiential and social programming.
  • Peer mentoring.

Generation Honors is available for first-year students as well as those who join Honors College after their first year.

four people posing for photo with water in the background.

Invitations Are Sent After Admittance to the Honors College

Following admittance to the University Honors College, students who identify as Black or African American, Hispanic/Latino, Native American/American Indian or Alaska Native, or Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander will be invited to participate in the Generation Honors program.