Parents and Family

The Honors College can give your student a personalized, distinguished college experience within UB—New York’s flagship university and one of the top public universities in the United States.

See How the Honors College Helps Bright Students Thrive

  • Why Choose Honors
    The Honors College is a community filled with opportunties. Think of it as a force multiplier—a way for you to get even more out of your college experience, starting on your very first day here.
  • Exceptional Student Outcomes
    The University Honors College continues to attract the best and brightest students to UB, with exclusive opportunities and exceptional outcomes. 
  • Funding & Aid for Prospective Students
    The University at Buffalo offers the most valuable merit scholarships in the SUNY system. Honors students may be eligible for a variety of exclusive and campus-wide other funding opportunities.
  • Program Requirements
    Throughout your time in Honors, you will be encouraged to engage in rigorous coursework within and outside your major and make the most of experiential learning like research, internships and study abroad.
  • Housing
    First-year and second-year Honors students can choose to live in UB Honors College housing on North Campus.

Parents of Accepted and Current UB Honors Students

  • Honors Kickoff
    Meet other Honors students, connect with your advisor and enjoy a day filled with fun activities.
  • Funding & Aid for Current Students
    Hard work is rewarded here. The Honors College offers numerous opportunities for enrolled Honors scholars to receive funding in support of co-curricular exploration and academic enrichment.
  • Graduation
    The Honors College hosts an annual graduation celebration in May. This ceremony is in addition to commencement ceremonies for each college or school.