Jessica Seabury.

About Ms. Seabury

From a young age I loved playing school, and being a bit of a Type-A person, I usually insisted on being the teacher. After majoring in English and minoring in economics as an Honors Scholar at UB, I attended the University of Michigan, where I received my MA in English Literature. Although I considered becoming an English professor, somewhere along the way my focus changed, and I ended up back in UB’s Honors College.

I consider myself outgoing, nurturing, and maybe a little talkative, so I truly enjoy working with and advising our multi-talented and dynamic honors students. In addition to recruiting and advising Honors Scholars, I serve as the liaison to our alumni, which means that when you graduate as an Honors Scholar I will plan our get togethers. Also, I work with upper-class students admitted to Honors after their first year.

I am a Western New York native and proud Buffalo booster—in addition to being a docent with Explore Buffalo I am a long-suffering but eternally optimistic Sabres and Bills fan. My sons are in college/graduate school and they grudgingly (and only occasionally) clue me on the current phrases college kids use so I can try to seem cool to my students. Some of my favorite Buffalo spots include the Elmwood Village, Hertel Avenue and the Delaware Park area; I am a recovering runner so I more often stroll through these areas nowadays but I have completed one full and eight half-marathons. Still an English major at heart, I love to read and write and pretend I am a photographer on Instagram. I feel lucky to be a part of the bustle and energy of daily life at this university. As my mom says, “I always knew you would end up at a school.”

Contact Information

Jessica Seabury.

Jessica L. Seabury

Senior Assistant Director

University Honors College

Phone: 716-645-3020