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As an Honors student, you can earn Honors Experiences by doing everything from research and internships to studying abroad and taking advanced courses. Our students have said that earning Honors Experience credit is often the extra push that encourages them to try even more new things.

How Many Honors Experience Credits Do I Need to Graduate?

We’re Here to Help You

Your personal Honors College advisor will help you choose Honors Experiences that fit into your schedule and align with your goals.

Benchmarks for Counting Honors Experiences Credits

  • Courses in your major may be used to meet the Honors Experience requirements.
  • In some cases (but not all), Honors Experience credits also apply to your degree, major, or overall graduation requirements; please check with your Honors College advisor for more information.
  • Students must complete Honors Experiences in at least two of the categories listed.
  • A maximum of six credits (equivalent to 270 hours) will be granted in any one petitioned Honors Experience.
  • To remain in good standing in the Honors College, Honors scholars must complete at least 13 Honors Experience credits by the end of their junior year.
Receive Honors Experience Credit Even If You’re Not Registered In a Course

You do not need to be registered for a course to receive Honors Experience credits. For example, many internships are not academic credit-bearing, but can still earn Honors Experience credit through a system of petitioning and completing a digital badge through the Experiential Learning Network office. 

Non-Coursework Honors Experiences

Coursework Honors Experiences

Experiences Not In These Categories

If your experience doesn’t fit into one of these categories, you can petition to include the experience towards their Honors credits.

> Learn more about the Honors Experience Petition.

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