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Social Reproduction Theory Lecture Series - Panel Discussion (3/15/2023)

Date & Time: Wednesday, March 15, 4:00pm-5:30pm

Location: Center for the Arts (Screening Room 112), North Campus and Virtual (more details below)

Intended Audience: Open Event

The “Social Reproduction and the Crisis of Housing in Buffalo” panel aims to bring social reproduction theory home to Buffalo in terms of the struggle for affordable housing. As Dr. Taylor notes above, social crisis has a way of exposing the deeply embedded injustices within a society and as the recent litany of crises demonstrates—from COVID-19 to the white supremacist massacre at Tops in Buffalo's East Side—a host of related concerns about safety, food insecurity, and access to medical care have come to the fore. The following questions will be considered:

  • What are the biggest challenges facing Buffalonians today and how is Buffalo a microcosm of similar challenges nationally?
  • What are the local social movements working toward housing justice and how do they connect with statewide and national movements? 
  • How is housing a feminist issue? How is housing connected to reproductive justice movements?

For more information please visit the UB Calendar Event Link and for RSVP to the Virtual option please access the Zoom Registration Link questions please contact Megan Vaughan at 716-645-5200 or via email at ub-irweg@buffalo.edu

Sponsored by the The Baldy Center for Law and Social Policy, UB Departments of Africana and American Studies, English, Philosophy, Arts Management, and History

LGBTQ FSA Lunch and Learn: Gen Z on March 16 (3/16/2023)

Date & Time: Thursday, March 16, 12:00pm-1:00pm

Location: Student Union (210), North Campus

Intended Audience: Faculty and Staff

Gather with members of the LGBTQ FSA for a conversation with Tom Vane, Assistant Director with Student Governance and Organizations in Student Engagement. Generation Z as new students crave authenticity, live pragmatically, and are self-reliant. However, other generational cohorts sometimes struggle to work effectively with these young people. This Lunch and Learn will discuss the questions of how Gen Z see and interact with the world and what Gen Z students expect from their learning experiences both in and out of the classroom.  Light refreshments will be provided and lunchboxes are welcome!

For more information please visit the LGBTQ FSA Events Link and for questions and to RSVP please contact LGBTQ FSA at lgbtqfsa@buffalo.edu.   

Sponsored by the UB LGBTQ Faculty and Staff Association

Without A Whisper - Konnon:Kwe (3/16/2023)

Date & Time: Thursday, March 16, 6:00pm-8:30pm

Location: Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center (341 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, NY)

Intended Audience: Open Event

Please feel free to join the screening of Without a Whisper – Konnon:Kwe, a documentary film by Katsitsionni Fox. Reception will have complimentary food by Casa Azul and alcohol-free beverages will be provided. The screening of Without a Whisper – Konnon:Kwe (dir. Katsitsionni Fox, 27 mins., 2020) will follow. There will also be a post-screening involving Q+A with Katsitsionni Fox (Bear Clan, Mohawk Nation at Akwesasne, via Zoom) and Wakerahkahtste Louise Herne (Bear Clan Mother, Mohawk Nation Council, in-person). 

For more information please visit the UB Humanities Events Link.   

Sponsored by the UB Humanities Institute and UB Distinguished Visiting Scholars Program

Celene Reynolds: Feminist Research Alliance (3/29/2023)

Date & Time: Wednesday, March 29, 12:00pm-1:00pm

Location: Virtual (more details below)

Intended Audience: Open Event

“Repurposing Title IX: How Sexual Harassment Became Sex Discrimination in American Higher Education”

Addressing discrimination based on certain identities, such as race or gender, is a major concern for American colleges and universities. In 2011, the Department of Education clarified that sexual harassment is a form of discrimination that schools must eliminate under Title IX, the 1972 U.S. civil rights law that guarantees the right to equal educational opportunity regardless of sex. In this talk, Reynolds uses the case of Title IX to understand the specific pathways through which the meaning of existing laws can change over time while the text of those laws remains the same. Triangulating multiple data sources across linked case studies of three universities, Reynolds argues that the mutual interpenetration of social networks across the educational and legal domains stimulated the shift, which exemplifies a more general process that she calls the endogenous repurposing of law. 

To RSVP for the event please visit the Zoom Registration Link. For more information please visit the Calendar Event Link and for questions please contact  Megan Vaughan at 716-645-5200 or via email at ub-irweg@buffalo.edu.    

Sponsored by the UB Gender Institute

Black Hair + Storytelling as a Form of Social Activism (3/29/2023)

Date & Time: Wednesday, March 29, 7:00pm-9:00pm

Location: Student Union (Theater), North Campus

Intended Audience: Open Event

In honor of both Women’s History Month, UB Counseling and partners bring St. Clair Detrick-Jules. St. Clair is an award-winning filmmaker, photographer, author, and activist. She joins us to discuss her most recent photojournalism book, My Beautiful Black Hair: 101 Natural Hair Stories from the Sisterhood, which outlines the struggles, beauty, and joy of Black hair. Doors open at 6:30 p.m and seating is limited.

For more information please visit the UB Counseling Services Events Link and for questions please french out to Counseling Services at 716-645-2720 or at Amani Johnson, PhD: amanijoh@buffalo.edu

Sponsored by the UB Counseling Services

Fatphobia 101: Thickening the Narrative (4/5/2023)

Date & Time: Wednesday, April 5, 5:30pm-7:00pm

Location: Virtual (more details below)

Intended Audience: Open Event

It is National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. UB Counseling Services will be offering a program focusing on Fatphobia and Sizeism. Please feel free to attend and encourage others to join. What messages have you received about your body? Have you felt that your body wasn’t the “right body” that you were supposed to have? Join other students in an inclusive and safe space for a discussion on fatphobia and sizeism and how it affects us and our mental health. 

For more information please visit the Calendar Event Link, to RSVP use the following Event Registration Link and for questions please contact Carissa Uschold-Klepfer at cuschold@buffalo.edu

Sponsored by the UB Counseling Services

Haudenosaunee and Indigenous Studies at UB and Beyond: Envisioning the Next 50 Years (4/15/2023)

Date & Time: Saturday, April 15 (save the date, more information forthcoming)

Location: Clemens Hall, North Campus

Intended Audience: Open Event

2022 marked the 50th Anniversary of Native American Studies at the University at Buffalo and the launch of the new Indigenous Studies Department. This conference aims to engage with the foundational legacy of Native Studies at UB and welcomes participants to share contributions highlighting priorities and aspirations for the future of the field of Haudenosaunee studies specifically and its intersections with Indigenous studies globally. As Indigenous Studies Departments grow, the numbers of Indigenous scholars working in universities proliferate. How do we remain a voice and direction of how Indigenous studies is developed, taught and implemented?

For questions and more information please contact Aaron VanEvery (Six Nations, Cayuga, Wolf Clan), Community Outreach and Cultural Programming Coordinator (Department of Indigenous Studies) at alv8@buffalo.edu.  

Sponsored by the UB Department of Indigenous Studies

Social Reproduction Theory Lecture Series - Alessandra Mezzadri (4/20/2023)

Date & Time: Thursday, April 20, 3:30pm 

Location: Baldy Hall (509), North Campus and Virtual (more details below)

Intended Audience: Open Event

“61% of the entire planet is laboring informally. And what characterizes informal employment is a blurred divide between the productive and the reproductive.” Alessandra Mezzadri, GLUNetwork Interview Link (8/10/2022)

Contemporary social reproduction debates are primarily focused upon the “crisis of care” in high income countries. Less attention has been paid to social reproduction in post-colonial and post-socialist contexts both theoretically and empirically. The “Social Reproduction from Majority World Perspectives” panel highlights how work is experienced as the blurring of the productive and the reproductive for the vast majority of workers in the global economy. From sweatshop workers in India and women factory workers of iPhones in China to migrant domestic workers in Lebanon, this panel will address the links between exploitation and social reproduction from a global and intersectional lens.

To RSVP for the event please visit the Zoom Registration Link. For more information please visit the Gender Institute Link and for questions please contact Megan Vaughan at 716-645-5200 or via email at ub-irweg@buffalo.edu.    

Sponsored by the UB Gender Institute

Ongoing Events

Native American Cultural Competency Trainings

Date & Time: Multiple offerings and dates, Spring 2023 (see more details below)

Location: Virtual (see more details below)

Intended Audience: Open Event

We would like to announce that our community partner, Native American Community Services of Erie & Niagara Counties, Inc. (NACS), is hosting the Strengthening Our Resilience program giving us the opportunity to attend more professional development, and free virtual training sessions on Native American Cultural Competency through March 2023. Please register for your preferred session(s), using the links provided below. Space is limited to 35 people per session, so please consider registering early. 

“Introduction to Native American Cultural Competency”

These one-hour sessions provide brief overviews of Native cultures, health challenges facing many communities, historical traumas, and suggestions for how to engage with Native American peoples more respectfully. All “Introduction” sessions are very similar in content.

“Overview of Native American Cultural Competency”

These four-hour sessions include deeper content of traditional Native cultures, Trauma-Informed Care, Historical Traumas, the documentary “Unseen Tears: The Impact of Residential Boarding Schools,” and strategies to move ahead. Both “Overview” sessions are very similar in content.

For any questions or concerns please contact Pete Hill, Special Initiatives Director (NACS) at phill@nacswny.org.  

Sponsored by the Native American Community Services of Erie & Niagara Counties, Inc. (NACS), the Value Network of WNY, and the New York State Office of Addiction Services & Supports (OASAS)

The LGBTQ Discussion Group

Date & Time: Select Wednesdays, February - May at 6:00pm (see dates below)

Location: Kimball Hall (430), South Campus and online

Intended Audience: Open Event

The LGBTQ+ Discussion Group is a series of meetings created by the School of Public Health and Health Professions (SPHHP) with the aim to provide support, resources, and community to LGBTQ+ faculty, staff, and students and their allies. This discussion group will be located on the South Campus giving students that are primarily on this campus a safe space in-person while also providing an online Zoom option. While this is housed in the SPHHP, this group will be open to any who wish to join from all programs and campuses.

In person meetings are at 6pm on the following Wednesdays in Kimball Hall (430), South Campus:

  • February 8th
  • March 8th
  • April 12th
  • May 10th

And virtual meetings are also at 6pm on the following Wednesdays on Zoom (Meeting ID: 922 5402 5312, for direct access with the password follow the Zoom Link):

  • February 22nd
  • March 22nd
  • April 26th

For any questions and concerns, please reach out to Ebehitale Imobhio at ebehital@buffalo.edu

Sponsored by the UB School of Public Health and Health Professions and the UB Office of Inclusive Excellence

Intercultural and Diversity Center Events

The Intercultural and Diversity Center (IDC) is committed to supporting all students on campus. By focusing on personal identity, advocacy and other critical issues that are facing society today, the IDC helps students broaden their perspectives and gain a deeper understanding of our ever-changing world. To find out more about their upcoming events, visit the IDC UBLinked page.

Sponsored by the Intercultural and Diversity Center

Building Blocks of Equity Seminar Series

How do academics – at all stages of their careers – form effective partnerships? How can students and early career faculty engage in research in Global South communities? How can students contribute to building equity? Teams of mentors and mentees will reflect on these questions alongside their community partners. Through presentations and discussions, we will evaluate current research and teaching practices about co-produced knowledge, and identify best practices for educating and engaging students in co-produced scholarship and action. To find out more about this series and to register, click here

Sponsored by Global Health Equity 

Documenting the UB Community Experience during COVID-19 Pandemic

Date & Time: Submit anytime

Intended Audience: UB Students, Faculty and Staff

The University Archives is launching a project to encourage students, faculty and staff to document their personal experiences during the COVID-19 outbreak and contribute them to the University Archives. Students have been impacted by great change to their learning environments, living situations, employment, and social connections. Faculty have adapted the ways in which they deliver course materials and interact with students. Staff have adjusted to changes in their work environments, both at home and on campus, all while coping with momentous change in daily routines, family life, and personal health and safety. By collecting and preserving these perspectives the University Archives supports the research mission of the university, allowing future students, researchers, and scholars to study the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, an undoubtedly transformative event in the history of student life and the academic experience at UB. Visit University Archives webpage for more information.

Sponsored by University Libraries

Recently Recorded Inclusive Excellence Events

Diversifying UB's Faculty: A Workshop Series with Dr. Anne Etgen

These workshops were led by Dr. Anne Etgen, Professor Emerita in the Department of Neuroscience at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and nationally recognized expert in recruiting and retaining diverse faculty. We encourage this resource for all Department Chairs and faculty who plan to serve on search committees. Below are descriptions of the three workshops. Click here to view them on UB Edge.

Sponsored by the Office of Inclusive Excellence