NSF grant awarded in collaboration with OSC & VT

OnDemand HPC web portal.

Published March 7, 2019 This content is archived.

CCR will team with Ohio Supecomputing Center and Virginia Tech on 5 year NSF grant

Marrying CCR's XDMoD and OSC's OnDemand

“Open OnDemand has lowered the HPC barrier for students and faculty alike, especially for new users and disciplines that traditionally have not been HPC users”

CCR adopted the use of Open OnDemand in 2018 to provide an easier level of entry for new users to access the Center's clusters and storage.  Faculty and students have been using it with great results for both research and classes.  Users new to the cluster environment find the portal much easier to use than the tools they were previously restricted to.  Moving files, submitting and monitoring jobs, and accessing GUI-based software products are all done much easier with OnDemand. 

With a grant recently award by the National Science Foundation, CCR will be teaming up with the OnDemand creators, Ohio Supercomputing Center, as well as a team from Virginia Tech to improve the OnDemand experience.  CCR will be helping to incorporate our metrics information from XDMoD and Virginia Tech will be focusing on getting more institutions to utilize the software.  With the data from XDMoD users will be able to see job performance information for each job run right within the OnDemand interface.