Curriculum Mapping

Curriculum mapping is a process through which program learning outcomes are linked to specific courses. This is done in such a way that a table is created to indicate the courses where each learning outcome is introduced to students (I), where the learning outcome is reinforced and/or practiced (R), and where students are expected to demonstrate mastery (M). 

From this final map, it is possible to identify redundancies in course content, gaps in program content, and misalignments in content. In addition, the resulting table, or curriculum map, makes it easy to identify naturally occurring assessment points and methods for collecting assessment data.

The curriculum map also allows program faculty to indicate how each program is contributing to student achievement of higher-order learning outcomes. For example, when each program learning outcome is aligned with one or more of UB's institutional learning outcomes, the map clearly demonstrates where students are learning the content reflected in the institutional learning outcome, as well as an assessment point where institutional data can be collected regarding student achievement of this outcome.

Sample Curriculum Map

Program Learning Outcome
UB Learning Outcome Course 1 Course 2 Course 3
Learning Outcome 1 1, 3 I R M
Learning Outcome 2 2, 4     I
Learning Outcome 3 5, 6   I R
Learning Outcome 4 7, 8
I R  
Learning Ouctome 5 1, 4, 6 I   R

This very rudimentary and abbreviated curriculum map illustrates how the 5 program learning outcomes align with UB learning outcomes, as well as where each one is introduced, reinforced and mastered. If an embedded assessment framework is being used for program assessment, Course 3 represents an opportunity for assessment of student achivement of learning outcomes 1 and 3 since students must demonstrate mastery of these learning outcomes in this course.

This example only lists 3 courses. In a real curriculum map, all courses in which program learning outcomes are being addresses should be included.

Curriculum Map Template

Download the template below to help get you started on your program curriculum map.