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Job Searching during COVID-19

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50 Black-Owned and Led Companies for Students to Follow

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To help you figure things out, so your future appears clearer.

Make Bullseye powered by Handshake work for you.

Blog: Finding a Job on Handshake: FAQs

Reading Length: 3 minutes

Reading Length: 3 minutes

Read Length: 4 minutes

Screenshot of the 'Here’s What It Means to Find the Right Fit at a Company' video.

Want to know if a company is a right fit for you?

Video: Here’s What It Means to Find the Right Fit at a Company

Video Length: 1:04

A screenshot of the "Hoe to make a killer first impression at your new job" video.

Keep on impressing, right through to the first day.

Video: How to Make a Killer First Impression at your New Job

Video Length: 1:40

Playlists to get a confidence boost.

Confidence Boost Playlist: You're on top of the world. Don't forget it.

Playlist Length: 3 hours 50 minutes

Screenshot of the "How to unlock your future—by taking one small step | Roadtrip Nation" video

Find your adjacent possible.

Video: How to unlock your future—by taking one small step

Video Length: 5:48

Screenshot of the "7 self-care tips for grads! | Roadtrip Nation" video.

7 tips for self-care.

Video: 7 self-care tips for grads!

Video Length: 6:26

Screenshot of the "Feeling stuck? This three-step process will help you move forward" video

It's Okay to feel stuck.

Video: Feeling stuck? This three-step process will help you move forward.

Video Length: 6:47

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Tips on what questions to ask during a video interview.

Blog: Ace Your Virtual Interview With These Questions For the Recruiter

Reading Length: 2 minutes

Steps to take if your internship got canceled.

Blog: What if my internship is canceled?
Written by: Lauren Johnson
Career Coach, University at Buffalo

Reading Length: 4 minutes

How to gain experience from a remote internship.

Blog: 6 Ways to Make the Most of a Remote Internship

Reading Length: 5 minutes

Tips from the Director.

UB Now: Career planning during COVID-19
Written by: Charles Anzalone
University at Buffalo

Reading Length: 4 minutes

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