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Getting Started with Your Personal Website

Learn how to activate your personal website.

Activating Your Personal Website

By default, your personal website is not visible to the public. To make it visible, use the Personal Websites publishing tool (UBITName and password required).

Once activated, your site will be available at two Web addresses (replace UBITName with your UBITName):


You will see a placeholder page until you add your own content.

Making Your Personal Website Content

There are three basic ways to connect to your personal website space and create or update its files:

Read instructions for using an “all-in-one” program that handles connecting and editing, such as Adobe Dreamweaver.
Read instructions for connecting with one of the Secure FTP programs available for download on the UBIT Software page.
From a command-line interface you can create HTML code using an editor such as emacs, nano or vi.

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