UB Tech Squad and Help Center Services

The UBIT Help Center in Lockwood and Silverman Library and the mobile "Tech Squad" are here to help students:

Or call 716-645-3542

  • Download and install software
  • Run diagnostics to identify software and hardware problems
  • Remove viruses and malware
  • Reset / reinstall your system
  • Upgrade your operating system
  • Connect your computer to a network
  • Connect your mobile device to a network
  • Connect your gaming device to a network
  • Connect your streaming device to a network
  • Connect your personal printer (wired or network)
  • Pick up/drop off devices

Faculty and staff are encouraged to consult their department's IT technical support

Tech Squad van.


What do UB students think of Tech Squad?

The UB Tech Squad will come help students with their tech anywhere on North or South Campus.


If we have to take your device with us for more troubleshooting, we'll usually have it back to you in 1-3 business days.

Tech Squad Hours

10am-7pm ET
9am-5pm ET

Hours subject to change.

Walk-Up Locations

NORTH CAMPUS: Silverman Library, Capen Hall 3rd Floor; Lockwood Library, 2nd Floor North (Opposite Lockwood Library entrance)

SOUTH CAMPUS*: Abbott Hall, 1st Floor (Health Sciences Library, near Whispers Café)
* Includes only UBITName and password help.

Common Questions

I live off campus. Can I still book an onsite appointment with Tech Squad?
Tech Squad onsite services are available only to students who reside on North or South campus. Off-campus locations will not be serviced, but you are welcome to visit us at our location in the Lockwood Cybrary.

I would like to meet with Tech Squad in person. Do I have to book an onsite appointment to do this?
No. You are welcome to visit us in the Lockwood Cybrary during our business hours.

My computer screen is cracked. Can Tech Squad repair this for me?
If you are having trouble with hardware, Tech Squad would be happy to troubleshoot and provide consultation in regards to the issue. However, Tech Squad will not repair broken/damaged hardware.

Still need help?

Contact the UBIT Help Center.