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The UBclicks service supports Classroom Response Systems (CSR) at UB. CSR's are interactive teaching tools used to increase student participation and rapidly assess student understanding in class.

Classroom Response System

Classroom Response Systems (also called Audience or Student Response Systems) use a combination of software and/or hardware to present questions, record responses, and provide feedback. Questions can be created using PowerPoint or web-based software. Question types may include multiple choice, true/false, numeric, ordering, and short answer. Questions are displayed onscreen and the student responds by entering their answers using a phone/laptop or physical clicker.

Top Hat and Turning Technologies

UB has partnered with two leading vendors in this technology space, Top Hat and Turning Technologies. 

Top Hat’s platform allows you to:
  • Upload your slides, add annotations and interactive questions
  • Take attendance effortlessly & accurately using geolocation technology
  • Launch discussions and get real-time feedback and reports
  • Export student grades and merge data in UBlearns
  • UB students receive a discount when they purchase a Top Hat license

Turning Technologies platform allows you to:

  • Instructors add polling slides, created using the TurningPoint desktop software, to PowerPoint presentations for students to evaluate and respond.
  • Students respond to polling questions using a physical ‘clicker’ device or TurningPoint Mobile software on smart phones and laptops.
  • Student responses are captured and can be immediately displayed to gauge content understanding and/or saved for later review and grading.
  • Export student grades and reconcile class lists with UBlearns.

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