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UB partners with Roswell / U of Rochester for Empire Discovery Institute (EDI)

The new institute will streamline efforts to turn groundbreaking drug research into viable treatments and medicines, bringing new companies and new jobs.

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Researchers Tell Stories

UB has innovative researchers who are passionate about their work and the university. Hear them talk about what sparks their imaginations, keeps them motivated and how they enjoy sharing with students and colleagues. Click on the still photos to hear more.

  • 6/4/18

    Students gone on to Film making, TV, Rabbi, Journalism. Value from my teaching is that they learned to write well, communicate effectively and to think sympathetically.

  • 7/26/17

    I am a SUNY Distinguished Professor in Computer Science and Engineering, vice president of Research and Economic Development and co-founding director of CUBS.

  • 4/11/17

    Try to connect research to daily life.  Affecting Global Health using solar energy to purify our water and producing  commercial results to get product on market.

  • 4/11/17

    Worked with law enforcement all over the world using his skills in reading non-verbal communication, always joy in seeing it work in action.

  • 8/9/17

    Associate Professor of Family Medicine.  Areas of Research are Cultural Competency Training of Medical Students; Integrated Care with Mental Health and Primary Care; and Refugees as Standardized Patients for Interprofessional Education.

  • 8/9/17

    Design Communities so people have access to food.  Surprised that communities take care of themselves when traditional retail not ordinary.

  • 8/9/17

    Working with community team connecting folks with mental health and medical issues.  Researching the Impact of outcome and trust.

  • 4/11/17

    Work ethic, technical background… but even more important is to be self directed and comfortable being lost.

  • 8/9/17

    Driven by seeing things we are not using well, missed opportunities in community can be solved through Research.  Through Research we can be sure the solution will work.

  • 8/9/17

    Big dream and vision.  Believe in Yourself.  Don’t limit yourself to just writing papers.  Take your ideas from Discovery to Innovation to Invention to Industry for public benefit.   

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