Committee Toolbox

PSS committee work often includes creating flyers, meeting minutes, presentations or handouts. The PSS Marketing and Communications committee has provided some helpful ways to include the PSS identity on your documents by using the templates below. We encourage the use of the templates for all correspondences sent out to professionals.

Document Templates

  1. Select the appropriate document based on the needs of your work and the version of Microsoft Office you are using. Microsoft Office 2003 supports .DOC formatting, while Microsoft Office 2007 supports the .DOCX format. Select the desired document based on the subject contents.
  2. Add appropriate information to your document and save it using a meaningful name, starting with the date, such as "2017-03-25 Inclusion and Diversity" indicating that these are the minutes from the committee meeting from March 25, 2017.
  3. Proof your document, make sure spelling and grammar are checked.
  4. Have your document placed on the PSS website by submitting it to the PSS Website Committee.
  5. Include specifics such as dates and any additional information pertinent to posting it on the PSS website. Please provide adequate time (a minimum of 5 working days) for the web team to put it online.

Surveys, Announcements, and News

The PSS Marketing and Communications committee can assist you with creating and sending out a survey. If you are interested in this, please email the PSS Marketing & Communications Team.

When committees need to send announcements to all professionals regarding an event, simply send an email to the PSS Senate including the event information and any additional flyer and the announcement will be sent out on your behalf. To announce news or events on the PSS website use the form on the Submit News page.

Need any other assistance with communicating committee work to professionals? Contact the PSS Marketing and Communicatons Team.

Budget Request Forms

Use the forms below to request funding for PSS activities. Copies of the completed forms should be sent to the Budget Advisory Committee and the PSS Office.

Other Resources

The University at Buffalo Communications Toolbox provides guidance, tools and resources for using official UB branding in communications.

Need an easy way to set up a meeting? Try using Doodle. Just click on "Schedule event" and proceed as directed.

The PSS Officers offer a guide for committee chairs to help with planning meetings and events.