Committee Toolbox

PSS committee work often includes creating flyers, meeting minutes, presentations or handouts. The PSS Marketing and Communications committee has provided some helpful ways to include the PSS identity on your documents by using the templates below. We encourage the use of the templates for all correspondences sent out to professionals, or you can contact the Marketing and Communications Committee for assistance in creating what you need.

How to use document templates

  1. Select the appropriate document below based on the needs of your work and the subject contents. Make sure your document is set to be accessible to users who may need to use specialized tools to read the contents. You can follow these accessibility guidelines to ensure your document is accessible.
  2. Add appropriate information to your document and save it using a meaningful name, starting with the date, such as "2017-03-25 Inclusion and Diversity" indicating that these are the minutes from the committee meeting from March 25, 2017.
  3. Must proof your document: check branding, grammar, spelling and accessibility.
    * If you need assistance with proofing please reach out to the Marketing and Communications Committee by submitting your request to the committee via the Marketing and Communications Service Request form below. The M&C Committee will proof your document for you, make revision suggestions if needed, and provide approval for it to be posted to the website and/or distributed. Alternatively, if you’d like the Marketing and Communications Committee to create the document from scratch for you, please request service also via the Marketing and Communications Service Request form below 
  4. Have your document placed on the PSS website by submitting it to the PSS Website Committee
  5. Include specifics such as dates and any additional information pertinent to posting it on the PSS website. Please provide adequate time (a minimum of 5 working days) for the web team to put it online.

Marketing and Communications Requests

The PSS Marketing and Communications committee can assist you with creating and distributing marketing materials such as flyers, news announcements, signage, merchandise, photography, and social media postings and coordination. Please fill out the Marketing and Communications Service Request form below. Please also be sure to review the marketing and communications work process so you know how and when your project request will be completed.

When committees need to send announcements to all professionals regarding an event, simply send an email to the PSS Senate including the event information and any additional flyer, and the announcement will be reviewed and sent out on your behalf. To announce news or events on the PSS website use the form on the Submit News page.

Marketing and Communications Committee Work Process

  1. Requestor submits the Marketing and Communications Service Request form for their project
  2. The Marketing and Communications committee will review your request. Michelle Bowen, Chair, will contact you if any additional info is needed.
  3. The committee will complete a first draft of your request within one to two weeks of the date the request was submitted (the time frame depends on the size of project and the committee’s workload) and will send you the proof to review.
    * If you need the project request rushed, please be sure to note that along with the date by which the final draft is needed, so that we can help you meet your deadlines.
  4. If changes need to be made to the work, the committee will complete the changes within one to two weeks from the date the changes are requested (the time frame depends on the size of project and the committee’s workload). Please send all desired changes to Michelle Bowen, Chair at
    * Please allow for one to two weeks for each set of changes, unless otherwise discussed. If you need a rush on the changes, please communicate that with Michelle Bowen.
  5. Once the requestor approves the work, the committee will send the final files for both web and print usage.

If you need any other assistance with marketing and communications, please contact Michelle Bowen, Chair, at

Budget Request Forms

Use the forms below to request funding for PSS activities. Copies of the completed forms should be sent to the Budget Advisory Committee and the PSS Office.

Budget Request Details


  • 13 weeks prior to the event date if revenue will be collected
  • The same duration is not required for sponsorship and exhibitor revenue
  • 6 weeks prior to event date if funding is requested (so it can be vetted by BAC and, if necessary, EC)
  • 4 weeks prior to event date if no funding is needed (best practice so a flyer can be created AND event can be marketed in the newsletter)

Funding Requests

  • Request for FY19-20 (only used once at the beginning of the year)
  • Individual request for funding (used throughout the year)
  • Procuring goods and services
  • ALL goods and services MUST be procured by the PSS Staff Assistant unless otherwise expressed to your in writing.

Funding approval

  • Submit to
  • Reviewed by Budget Advisory Committee
    • If request is $500 or under, BAC can approve funding.
    • If request is over $500, BAC sends recommendations to the Executive Committee for review and approval.
  • Submitting documentation in advance is crucial, because it must be approved by committees BEFORE it is expensed.

Revenue guidelines

  • If you are accepting a registration fee or a vendor sponsorship, you MUST seek guidance from the PSS Staff Assistant prior to your outreach. Administrative paperwork must be approved by other university departments before we can accept external funds.

Other Resources

The University at Buffalo Communications Toolbox provides guidance, tools and resources for using official UB branding in communications.

Need an easy way to set up a meeting? Try using Doodle. Just click on "Schedule event" and proceed as directed.

The PSS Officers offer a guide for committee chairs to help with planning meetings and events.