PSS Committees

The committess of the Professional Staff Senate create programming and perform critical tasks for the senate. Learn about these volunteers.


The PSS Awards Committee invites and screens nominations for the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Professional Service, Outstanding Service, and Outstanding Service to the Professional Staff Senate awards. It calls for nominations, communicates the nomination guidelines and reviews the nominations. It decides which SUNY Chancellor’s Award nominations to recommend to the President’s Office and selects the winners for the two Outstanding Service awards.


The Budget Oversight Committee oversees the funding of PSS activities.


The Constitution and Bylaws Committee conducts an annual review of the Bylaws, Constitution and Code of Ethics of the Professional Staff Senate and proposes amendments to these document to the Executive Senate and General Membership for a vote.


The Elections Committee of the PSS overseas all Senator Elections, Executive Committee Elections and works in collaboration with the UB Faculty Senate Elections Committee for the elections to the SUNY-Wide Faculty Senate.


The Professional Staff Senate’s Inclusion & Diversity Committee is committed to cultivating a more inclusive university community that is grounded in respect and appreciation of our individual and collective diversity. Endorsing a broad definition of diversity, the Committee invites all members of UB’s professional staff to take an active role in fostering an inclusive, equitable, and positive environment in which staff, faculty and students can work together and learn from one another.


The Marketing and Communications Committee serves the Professional Staff Senate by developing guidelines and overseeing consistent, effective communication aligned with the PSS mission and the branding message of UB.


Responsibilities of this committee are to discuss, review, and make recommendations to PSS Officers and the PSS Executive Committee on university practices and policies. The committee’s work can take on the form of informal verbal or written recommendations, or if necessary, by the writing of Resolutions to present to the General Membership.


The Staff Development and Services Committee recommends to the Executive Committee programs for the continuing development of professional staff in areas having to do with: a) skills or knowledge necessary in administrative/academic units; b) enhancement of interpersonal relationships, and c) programs which encourage career mobility. We are always looking for new members and new ideas to help UB staff members with their professional development.

Shall conduct regular reviews of General University policies and programs encompassing all recreation and wellness activities at the University, comparable across all campuses, and report on these; carry out continuous liaison with the Director of Athletics, Wellness Education Services and other appropriate University officers and committees concerned with the development and administration of similar University programs.

The Sustainable Living Committee provides continuing opportunities to learn about and practice sustainability in the workplace, home and community. Through programs, tours and events such as the annual sustainability fair, the committee engages fellow staff, faculty and students to deepen and expand a culture of sustainability at UB and beyond.


The Website Committee works to maintain the look, feel, and content of the PSS website. Use the contact form to let us know how we're doing.


PSS committee work often includes creating flyers, meeting minutes, presentations or handouts. The PSS Marketing and Communications committee has provided some helpful tools and templates to assist you.