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Budget Oversight Committee

Our Mission

The Budget Oversight Committee works to monitor the expenditures of the Professional Staff Senate. This includes reviewing proposals for funding, monitoring disbursements, and requesting additional funds from the upper administration.

This committee works hard to ensure that Professional Staff Senate events are paid for with minimal cost to the membership.


  1. advise on the development and oversight of PSS budgetary policies, processes and timelines in regards to the annual budget given to the UB Office of Shared Governance by the Office of the Provost
  2. receive and review budget proposals from PSS committees and senators organizing official PSS events
  3. report to the Executive Committee a quarterly analysis of budget requests and recommendations for allocating funds
  4. advise and assist the Chairs of the PSS and Faculty Senate and the Staff Assistant in the UB Office of Shared Governance in the annual preparation of the Financial Action Plan and office budget request


  • PSS Vice Chair along with an Executive Committee member would serve as co-chairs and voting members
  • the Staff Assistant in the UB Office of Shared Governance will be a voting member
  • two members from the general membership, approved by the Executive Committee
  • PSS chair will be a non-voting member