Budget Advisory Committee

Our Mission

The Budget Oversight Committee works to monitor the expenditures of the Professional Staff Senate. This includes reviewing proposals for funding, monitoring disbursements, and requesting additional funds from the upper administration.

This committee works hard to ensure that Professional Staff Senate events are paid for with minimal cost to the membership.


The Budget Advisory Committee advises the PSS budgetary process by preparing (with input of Committee Chairs) an annual budget on behalf of the PSS officers which will be approved by the PSS Executive Committee. It has the fiduciary responsibility to report income and expenses, throughout the fiscal year to the Executive Committee on a quarterly basis.

Roles of the Committee

  • Request and collate budget plans from the committees and officers per the schedule determined in coordination with the Provost’s office
  • Work with the officers to ensure that budget requests rest within the mission of the Professional Staff Senate and align with the goals supported by the PSS Executive Committee
  • Provide a sounding board for budget changes during the year and provide reports to the Executive Committee when requested
  • Ensure historical records are preserved for future administrations
  • Document the budget process so that it exists as an ongoing concern of the Professional Staff Senate autonomously of the officers
  • Provide quarterly updates to the Executive Committee on the financial condition of the PSS


  • The Chair will be an Executive Committee member appointed by the Executive Committee on an annual basis
  • The PSS Vice Chair will be Vice Chair and a voting member of the committee
  • The Staff Assistant in the UB Office of Shared Governance will be a voting member
  • Two members from the general membership, appointed by the Executive Committee on an annual basis
  • The PSS chair will be a non-voting member

Committee Members

Chair: Charles Baxter

Current Members: Lindsay Allen, Peter DiNunzio, Don Erb, Pam Stephens-Jackson

Ex Offico: Timothy Tryjankowski

Budget Request Forms