Fraternity and Sorority Life Policy

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Greek-letter, social, fraternal organizations encourage academic excellence, self-governance and service while offering opportunities for leadership. These groups are expected to complement the University’s mission, and comply with campus policies, rules and regulations as well as federal, state and local laws.

Policy Information

  • Unit: Student Engagement
  • Date Established: 01/30/2020
  • Date Last Updated: 01/21/2021, 11/21/22

Policy Statement

The University at Buffalo recognizes that organized student life programs are a valuable part of the student educational environment and can further the University’s educational mission. Greek-letter, social, fraternal organizations are a recognized component of student life responsible for making positive contributions to the educational mission of the University.

The umbrella oversight groups and individual chapters must agree that they will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sexual orientation, condition of handicap, religion or creed.

The University seeks to promote maximum flexibility and autonomy for Greek-letter, social, fraternal organizations as important student groups. Compliance by these organizations with University policies, rules, regulations and guidelines will allow each group to remain in good standing with the University at Buffalo. Failure to comply may result in the loss of privileges until matters are properly adjudicated. The University may take appropriate administrative or disciplinary legal action against offending group(s) and individual(s). The Associate Vice President for Student Life may establish judicial procedures and bodies to adjudicate cases involving councils, organizations or member misconduct. Judicial decisions may be appealed to the Associate Vice President for Student Life or designee.

Requirements of Membership

  • Complement the University at Buffalo’s mission and maintain high academic standards
  • Students must have a cumulative UB GPA of 2.5 and at least 12 earned college credits; as well as attendance at a university-sponsored information session to be eligible for membership selection.
  • Member conduct must be consistent with the University’s Student Conduct Rules, University Standards and Administrative Regulations.

Requirements of Greek-letter, Social, Fraternal Organizations

  • Recognition by the University at Buffalo
  • No social, fraternal organization will be recognized or permitted to remain on campus if its constitution, rules, regulations or practices do not adhere to the university’s Discrimination and Harassment Policy
  • Membership is open to all regularly enrolled, full-time University at Buffalo students; no more than three weeks of recruitment activities will be authorized unless approved by the Associate Vice President for Student Life or approved designee
  • Uniform terms of office for leaders to promote orderly transitions and improved program effectiveness
  • Participate in annual educational programs on substance abuse, hazing, non-discrimination, inclusion and sexual harassment.
  • Organizations with “city” or regional charters and memberships may be recognized, but must meet UB guidelines


Associate Vice President for Student Life (or designee)

  • Assume responsibility for all matters related to the establishment and functioning of social fraternal organizations, including implementing all policies and guidelines
  • Designate a member of the University staff to serve as a liaison between Greek-letter, social, fraternal organizations and the University

Assistant Director of Student Engagement for Fraternity and Sorority Life

  • Serves as the University designee to serve as liaison between Greek-letter, social, fraternal organizations and the University
  • Designates rules and new member education periods
  • Compiles the chapter and community statistical information each semester
  • Provides leadership, educational and awareness programming

Greek Life Advisory Committee

  • Assist with the promotion of Greek Life at the University at Buffalo
  • Advises the activities of Greek-letter, social, fraternal organizations,
  • Make recommendations to the Associate Vice President for Student Life as requested
  • Recommends appropriate responses to alleged rules and regulations violations by Greek-letter, social, fraternal organizations in accordance with Operational Guidelines for Greek-letter, Social Fraternal Organizations

Fraternity and Sorority Members

  • Encourage intellectual and social development of members
  • Complement the University’s mission
  • Comply with campus policies, rules and regulations, as well as federal, state and local laws.

Fraternal Organization

  • Each fraternal organization is required to exercise responsible management and financial integrity
  • Solely responsible for its own financial, legal and contractual obligations; the University assumes no responsibility for such actions
  • Organizations exercising selective membership are not eligible to apply for use of mandatory student activities fees
  • New York State law and University policy prohibits student organizations from hazing, activities or practices that may cause mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment or ridicule. It is the responsibility of each member to understand the law and policy and to adopt and implement healthy and constructive new member education programs in compliance with these regulations
  • Recognition of Greek-letter, social, fraternal organizations shall not be construed as agreement, support or approval by the University, but only as recognition of the rights of the organization to exist at the University, subject to established conditions. Recognized Greek-letter, social, fraternal organizations may only use the name of the University to indicate location, not endorsement. Use of the University name and symbols is subject to conditions established by the University


How to Join a Group

Step 1: Recruitment

Each semester, students can meet with fraternity or sorority members during a designated time period known as “recruitment.” These events provide an opportunity to learn about the Greek system, meet members of recognized chapters and consider joining a fraternity or sorority.

Step 2: Joining (New Member Education)

After recruitment, academically eligible students who have attended a university-sponsored information session may be invited to join (formerly known as “pledge”) a fraternity or sorority. During this time period, new members will attend activities and events to learn about their organization and Greek Life at UB. The length of the new member period is determined by the fraternity or sorority, but cannot exceed six weeks.

Step 3: Accept and Enroll

Students who are offered an invitation to join the fraternity or sorority, a bid, can choose to accept or decline the invitation at this time.


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