Study Buddies

students studying.

Study Buddies is a feature within the Navigate mobile app or desktop site that allows you to opt-in to connect with students in each of your classes who are interested in forming study groups. How you choose to interact can be decided by your group, whether it be in-person or virtually.

Safety Notice

If you choose to meet in person, meet in groups of at least three in a public space and reference the Academic Resources and Updates for Students

Using Study Buddies

Login with your UBIT name and password on the Navigate desktop site or to login via your phone:

  • Download the free app by searching for “Navigate Student.” 
  • Search for and select University at Buffalo. 
  • Sign in using your UBIT name and password.
study buddies icon.

Upon logging in to the Navigate mobile app, click the Study Buddies icon. Once Study Buddies is selected, you will see a list of classes you are currently enrolled in. 

Select the section(s) for which you wish to join a study group. After selecting a course section, you will be asked to confirm that you are opting to share your email address with other students in the class. Selecting “Yes” will allow you to continue further, while selecting “Nevermind” will return you to the list of your classes on the Study Buddies page. 

  • If you are the first to opt in to sharing your information, “Only Me” will display. Once others have opted in, their email addresses will display in the available list and you can connect with them to form a study group.

Once your classmates have opted in, they will appear in the available list. You can select the individuals you would like to email. A quick search is also available to search for particular classmates who have opted in to Study Buddies for that course. 

After selecting the student(s) with whom you wish to create a study group, your native email application will open. A pre-populated subject and body will appear; you can change this if you desire. 

You can leave the course’s study group at any time by selecting “Leave Group” for any course you previously joined. A message prompt will appear asking if you’re sure. If you select “Yes” you will be removed from the Study Buddies list of students in that course.