I Opted into Study Buddies, Now What?

Study Buddies is a way to create a study group. An ideal study group should be 3 to 5 people. Study sessions should be at least an hour, but not more than 2 hours.


  • Email the individuals who also opted in for the class.
  • Below is a recommended email to send to your classmates who also opted in.

Hi, I am interested in creating a study group for [enter class] and see that you are too. What’s the best way to communicate – email, phone number? 

Set Expectations.

  • How frequently will you meet?
  • How will you meet?
    • Virtually or in person?
      • If virtual, pick a tool: Zoom, WebEx or something else?
      • If in person, opt for a location on campus: you can reserve a room in one of the libraries on campus (linked) and you must follow the COVID-19 public health behavior expectations on campus.
  • How will you share materials?
    • UB Box, Google or something else?

Do Your Part.

  • If appropriate, identify a group leader to coordinate times and responsibilities.
  • Show up prepared with your notes, books, study materials.
  • Come with questions. 

Optimize Your Time.

  • Determine a session goal ahead of the meeting.
  • Stay focused.
  • Ensure there’s time to answer questions.
  • Be respectful of time.