Living and Dining

Find your new home on- or off-campus, see what (and where) you’ll eat, and learn about shopping at UB.  

Find Your Home

At UB, you can choose to live on-campus or off-campus. Many students choose on-campus housing for the convenience, safety and community. For students who want to live off-campus, we offer a variety of helpful resources.

Campus Dining

Whether you want a cheeseburger and fries or your favorite meals from back home, you’ll find something for every appetite here at UB.

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Get your books, groceries, pharmaceutical supplies and everything you need to be comfortable here at UB.

North Campus South Campus Off Campus
Destination Description Getting There
Main Street Market A convenience store with food and snacks. Located in Goodyear Hall.
Pharmacy Prescriptions and basic pharmacy supplies. Located in Michael Hall.
University Plaza

This plaza features a large grocery store, a bank, restaurants and numerous service stores.


In walking distance, on Main Street across from the South Campus.
Getting Around

Did you know Parking and Transportation can help you get around both on and off campus with their extensive services?

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