SMART Leadership

We have a shared governance model for consensus building around major community initiatives. We are fostering interdisciplinary spaces and opportunities for people to intersect, to consider new models of scholarship, and to advance different economies of success.

kemper lewis.

Kemper E. Lewis, PhD

Co-Director, SMART Community of Excellence; Dean, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences; Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

As Co-Director of the SMART Community of Excellence, Kemper Lewis facilitates the interdisciplinary research and education opportunities. He also engages external partners and assists the working groups in their focused explorations.

omar khan.

Jin Young Song

Co-Director, SMART Community of Excellence; Associate Professor, Department of Architecture

As Co-Director, Jin Young Song facilitates SMART’s shared governance model and engages external partners. His interest is in viewing the contemporary façade as a mechanism that integrates manifold technical and non-technical elements, thereby generating a specific relationship between people and the culture.

ken english.

Ken English, PhD

Deputy Director, SMART Community of Excellence;

As Deputy Director of the SMART Community of Excellence, Ken English helps build the community through communications, events and networking opportunities.