New Faculty Academy

2019 New Faculty Fellows - Group Photo.

2019 New Faculty Fellows - May 2019, Innaugural NFA Celebration, The Center for Educational Innovation (CEI) Faculty Collaboration Studio 

In collaboration with the University Libraries and the Office of Curriculum, Assessment and Teaching Transformation (CATT), the Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs designed a focused, two-track curriculum for a select cohort of 15-25 recently-hired faculty to enter into a New Faculty Academy for Teaching and Scholarly Writing.


The Teaching and Learning track is offered over four months in the fall semester. The Scholarship, Writing and Publishing track is scheduled for the spring semester, so that all participants can attend both over the course of one academic year.
The New Faculty Academy works with faculty to produce a tangible outcome in the form of a concrete, new teaching or writing & publishing project. To accomplish this goal, participants commit to fully attend one or both tracks in entirety. Successful participation in the Academy is recognized in a formal certificate of completion and official designation as New Faculty Fellows for the subsequent year. The Academy concludes with a formal event at the end of the academic year that provides an opportunity to present and showcase the learning outcomes applied to individual projects in the form of highly-developed or finished projects. Department Chairs and Deans are invited to attend this concluding event.

NFA Fall 2022 Track: Teaching & Learning

NFA Spring 2023 Track: Scholarship, Writing & Publishing

Writing and Publishing, is a one-semester series dedicated to helping new faculty at the University at Buffalo navigate aspects of research and writing, which are central components of scholarly success. In the series, we review processes of publishing and impact as they relate to an author’s own research and contributions to scholarly conversations in advancing their disciplinary fields. Additionally, we discuss grant-writing processes and special concerns related to writing grant proposals and complying with grant requirements. Finally, we identify campus support, including IRB and data management support.

This spring semester series is led by librarians Jonathan Grunert and Natalia Estrada, members of the University Libraries’ Scholarly Communications Team, who have experience in research collaborations and processes, interdisciplinary practices, and helping researchers at all stages of the research process.

Further details on spring schedule TBA late fall '22

Annual Showcase & Celebration Event

To mark the successful conclusion of the New Faculty Academy’s fourth iteration in 2022 and share how the participating faculty applied the academy content to their specific scholarly writing or teaching endeavors, the Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs in partnership with the University Libraries and the Office of Curriculum, Assessment and Teaching Transformation (CATT) invites faculty and staff to a celebration of the freshly minted New Faculty Fellows and a showcase of their innovative projects in the areas of teaching, scholarship and writing.

Recognition of 2022 New Faculty Fellows

Meet the 2022 New Faculty Fellows

Kārlis Berkolds, Riga Technical University, Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning; SEAS Visiting Faculty

Final Project Title: Redesign of a course: “Computer organization.”



Māra Pudāne, Riga Technical University, Department of System Theory and Design; SEAS/CSE Visiting Faculty

Final Project Title: Lessons learned: revision of a project proposal


Nicole Thomas, University Libraries

Final Project Title: Critical Librarianship: Strategies to Support Inclusivity in Library Instruction and Hiring

Dennis Daniels, SPHHP,  Department of Epidemiology and Environmental Health

Final Project Title: COVID Delta in New York: A discussion about an interactive formative assessment case study for Master of Public Health students

Mujeeb O. Shittu, JSMBS, Department of Biotechnical and Clinical Laboratory Sciences

Final Project Title: The roles of Toolkit genes in maintenance of normal heart function in aging Drosophila

Collie Fulford, CAS, Department of English

Final Project Title: Braided Knowledge: Adult Students (and Me!) as Researchers and Writers



Ilya Slavinski, CAS, Department of Sociology

Final Project Title: Improving Classroom Instruction with UB Learns and Kahoot