Appointment, Promotion & Tenure Forms & Templates

  • Recruitment Funding Request
  • External Evaluator Permissions to Candidate Form 
  • PRB Dossier Checklist
  • PRB Case Estimate Request Form
  • PRB Petition to exceed February 1st Submission Deadlines
  • Sample Vitae Format (from Policies, Procedures, and Criteria for Faculty Personnel Actions)
    • IMPORTANT! Recommendations regarding data that is also required for SUNY award nominations in the CV include the following: Specific data must include the date of the last update, the candidate’s department, the date of appointment to the SUNY system AND appointment to highest rank attained and date of appointment to that rank. Articles in refereed and non-refereed journals should be clearly distinguished from one another and, preferably, listed separately with full pagination and ordered by date of publication. Books should be listed separately from articles. Publications with multiple authors should indicate the senior author, if there is one, either by a note at the beginning of the publications list (if senior author position is consistent throughout) or by an asterisk indicating the senior author in each entry. 
  • Sample Evaluation Solicitation Letter (from Policies, Procedures, and Criteria for Faculty Personnel Actions
  • Tenure Clock Stop Request/Notification Form.   This new form is provided by Human Resources and will be updated by SUNY and is applicable for those categories identified in the 2016-2022 UUP contract for: Childbirth/Adoption/Foster Care Placement. This form should be sent to Human Resources: Appointments. The confirmation from HR that is copied to the Chair/Supervisor should also be copied to the respective Dean.  The Dean's office should confirm the clock stop and copy the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs indicating HR approval and appropriate dates of the clock stop. ALL other confirmed clock stops for additional types of critical life events must continue to be copied to the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs utlizing the traditional memo (sample) and must include a change in title as in past practice.
  • Sample Request for Tenure Clock Stop Under Extenuating Circumstances (For case by case requests) Note: If the reason for a clock stop adjustment is a research setback due to circumstances beyond the faculty member's control, the clock stop must be approved by the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs Office. Because the individual circumstances vary, these clock stops are evaluated on a case by case basis. Examples of such reasons have included delays in setting up labs or obtaining equipment; data destruction; animal problems; university press editor quitting and losing manuscript . . . The process is: faculty member makes request to Chair, who then transmits to Dean with a recommendation, Dean makes recommendation to Office for Faculty Affairs, and the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs reviews and either approves or disapproves. 

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