Faculty Mentoring

architecture faculty collaborating in Hayes hall.

Mentoring is an effective and practical strategy for supporting faculty members in their efforts to achieve their highest potential across the career span.  In recognition of the importance of mentoring to the success of faculty, the Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs, the Faculty Senate, two successive mentoring advisory committees, and other faculty collaborators, have joined together to create a policy and provide guidance for building an effective mentoring culture at the University at Buffalo. You will find training tools and resources here designed to help departments build, implement, and manage mentoring programs either ongoing or in fledgling stages.

The goal is for departments to develop mentoring programs that are process- and outcome-driven, individualized to meet current needs, flexible enough to be attuned to the varying contexts that emerge from differences between academic units, and aimed at promotion, retention, and advancement for faculty at all ranks.

Thanks go to the past and present committees who have devoted their time and attention to planning and implementing this mentoring effort.

Getting started: