Department Chair Conversation Series


Department Chair Leadership Program Workshop Sries.

The Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs continues its Conversation Series to help department chairs more effectively lead and respond to challenges they confront in their departments and/or units. We look forward to another year of robust and engaging conversations about departmental life at UB.

Over this academic year, our office will be sponsoring a series of monthly lunch-time seminars to discuss various issues related to academic leadership. We will address issues related to effective communication, budgets and resources, mentoring and work/life balance, faculty and student diversity, recruitment and hiring, tenure and promotion to name a few.

Department Chair Leadership Program - Conversation Series are:

  • held monthly as 2 hour lunch-time seminars (food and refreshments provided)
  • held every 2nd Wednesday of each month during the fall and spring semester
  • intended to be interactive and responsive; your feedback and requests drive the conversation and future planning


Conversation Series for Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 semester will be held  in person at the Jeannette Martin Room (567 Capen Hall).     

Questions? Please email BB Bakavoli ( or call: 716-645-3594

Fall 2022 Conversation Series

WEDNESday, September 14, 2022

wednesday, October 12, 2022

wednesday, November 16, 2022

wednesday, December 14, 2022

Spring 2023 Conversation Series

wednesday, january 11, 2023

wednesday, february 8, 2023

wednesday, march 8, 2023

wednesday, april 8, 2023

Past Workshop Presentations

Requests for past workshop PowerPoint presentations should be directed to Faculty Affairs (