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Collie Fulford

Collie Fulford


Collie Fulford employs mixed qualitative research approaches to study writers and writing programs. Her methodologies include institutional ethnography, feminist collaborative inquiry, poetic inquiry, and critical discourse analysis. A former president of the Carolinas Writing Program Administrators, she serves on the editorial board for WPA: Writing Program Administration. Honors include a Humanities Unbounded Visiting Faculty Fellowship at Duke University, awards for teaching and research excellence at North Carolina Central University, and the James Berlin Outstanding Dissertation Award from the Conference on College Composition and Communication. Her publications on writers and writing programs can be found in Pedagogy, WPA: Writing Program Administration, Composition Studies, and Across the Disciplines. She presents in the US and Pakistan about digital humanities and writing studies.

Collie’s current book project draws upon the author’s years leading student-faculty research collaborations at a historically Black university (HBCU), including studies of adult students’ learning and writing experiences both inside and outside of academia. In Adult Students as Researchers and Writers: Braiding Knowledge, she proposes that adult students braid experiential knowledge from multiple life domains when they encounter new rhetorical situations. Using feminist co-inquiry practices with thirty HBCU student interviewees from across disciplines, she demonstrates ways this braiding model applies to adult students’ approaches to both research and writing, and thus to our teaching and mentoring in these two areas of high-impact activity in higher education. She further offers ways that faculty can partner with members of a heterogenous adult student population to develop inclusive projects that contribute to the equity, accuracy, and reach of writing studies research.

As director of UB’s Academic and Professional Writing Program, Collie utilizes insights from her scholarship of writers, teaching, and writing program administration to strategize the program’s ongoing changes and to support other writing teachers.

Works in Progress

Adult Students as Researchers and Writers: Braiding Knowledge (working title).  Monograph in development.

Fulford, Collie, and Stefanie Frigo. “Feeling Our Way Through Collaborative Revision When the World is on Fire.” Revision Moves (working title), Laura R. Micciche, et al., eds. Chapter accepted for edited collection under advance contract with Utah State University Press. 

Fulford, Collie, and Lauren Rosenberg. “Interpreting Research with Participants: A Lifespan Writing Methodology.” Improvisations: Methods and Methodologies for Lifespan Writing Research (working title), Talinn Phillips and Ryan Dippre, eds. Chapter accepted for edited collection, under review.

Rosenberg, Lauren, with Gwen Porter McGowan, and Collie Fulford with Adrienne Long. “Co-Interpretation in Action.” Improvisations: Methods and Methodologies for Lifespan Writing Research (working title), Talinn Phillips and Ryan Dippre, eds. Chapter accepted for edited collection, under review.

Selected Publications

“Rethinking Research in English with Nontraditional Adult Students.” Pedagogy: Critical Approaches to Teaching Literature, Language, Composition, and Culture 22.1, Jan 2022: 79-98.

Banks, William P, Michael J. Faris, Collie Fulford, Timothy Oleksiak, GPat Patterson, and Trixie G. Smith “Writing Program Administration: A Queer Symposium.” WPA: Writing Program Administration. 43.2, Spring 2020: 11-43.

Wymer, Kathryn, and Collie Fulford. “Students as Co-producers of Queer Pedagogy.” Journal of Effective Teaching in Higher Education. 2:1, April 2019: 45-59.

“Subverting Austerity: Advancing Writing at a Historically Black University.” Pedagogy 19:2, March 2019: 225-241.

Fulford, Collie, and Aaron Dial. “Stone Soup: Establishing an HBCU Writing Concentration.” Composition Studies 43.2 Fall 2015: 177-181.

Wymer, Kathryn, Collie Fulford, Nia Baskerville, and Marisha Washington. “Necessity and the Unexpected: SoTL Student-Faculty Collaboration in Writing Program Research.” International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning 6:1 January 2012.

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