About the UB Department of English

Our department aims to provide undergraduate and graduate students with the best, most innovative and rigorous education while working to advance the study of literature and culture in all of its dimensions. 

  • Studying English @ UB
    The English Department at the University at Buffalo is at the forefront of innovative writing, cultural criticism, and the study of literature.
  • Award Winning Faculty
    UB English faculty are prize-winning teachers and scholars.
  • Fields of Study
    In the UB English Department, we promote scholarship and writing that questions and expands conventional disciplinary boundaries, and we encourage dialogue and cross-fertilization between different areas of specialization.
  • Journals and Organizations
    UB’s English Department is affiliated with a prestigious professional organizations journals of both scholarly and creative work, both of which offer opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students to publish their work and join professional networks.
  • Reading and Lecture Series
    The English Department hosts a number of ongoing series including innovative poetry and fiction readings, and film and scholarly lectures.