Academic and Professional Writing

teacher and student

The Academic and Professional Writing Program teaches first-year writing courses and a number of junior-level courses that satisfy the UB Curriculum's Communication Literacy requirement.

The Academic and Professional Writing Program helps prepare students for the advanced academic writing practices they will be asked to perform as undergraduates. Our courses also investigate the broader contexts of public and professional communication in which our students participate, from informal text messages and status updates to emails to professors and application letters for internships.

Our instructors aim to develop analytical and expressive skills that will help their students succeed in college and prepare for future roles as a member of multiple communities—civic, social and professional.
The Academic and Professional Writing Program is comprised of the ENG 101, 102, and 201 courses, although there are strong connections between those courses and our other English offerings, such as ENG 202 Technical Writing and ENG 393 Writing Non-Fiction Prose.
Helpful information about our Academic and Professional Writing Program.
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