Affiliate Faculty

Rodolphe Gasché: nineteenth- and twentieth-century French literature, critical theory, and its relation to continental philosophy since early romanticism.
Shaun Irlam: eighteenth-century cultural studies and aesthetics in England and France, current critical theory with an emphasis on deconstruction, and especially, postcolonial literature and theory with emphasis on Caribbean and African literatures.
Kalliopi Nikolopoulou: modernism, thought and literature of Greek antiquity, and the relation of ancients and moderns—particularly on the impact of Platonic philosophy and tragedy on modern thought.
Ewa Ziarek: feminist theory, modernism, continental philosophy, ethics, and critical theory.
Krzysztof Ziarek: 20th-century comparative literature, especially contemporary poetry and poetics, aesthetics, philosophy and literature, and literary theory.
Kari Winter: literature, history, and critical theory in the Atlantic world from the eighteenth century to the present; the history and literature of transatlantic slavery, resistance, dissent, and revolution; transnational women's literature; African American culture; contemporary American Indian literature; genre studies (e.g., the novel, auto/biographies); the politics of food, gardening, and various other topics.
James J. Bono: the cultural history of science and medicine during the Renaissance and early modern periods; the Scientific Revolution of the 16th and 17th centuries (especially the relations among language, religion, society, natural philosophy, medicine, and natural history); images, visualization, and technologies of the "literal" in early modern science; the history of the body and sexuality; the role of metaphor and narrative in science; and the function of technologies of communication in the production and dynamics of knowledge and culture.
Guyora Binder: the representation of historical change and of personal and group identity in law and legal thought, jurisprudence, criminal law, constitutional law, and international law.
Justin Read: literature and culture of Brazil; modernist poetics; globalization and urban space.