Annual Reports

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Annual Security and Fire Safety Report

The UB Annual Security Report is available to all current UB students and employees and to all prospective UB students and employees upon request.

The Annual Security Report includes:

  • Statistics on the number of on-campus murders, rapes, robberies, aggravated assaults, burglaries, motor vehicle thefts, bias-related crimes and arrests for weapons possessions and liquor and drug abuse violations
  • Policies regarding security, access to campus residences and other facilities and campus law enforcement
  • Procedures for reporting crimes and other emergencies
  • Information on campus sexual assault and rape awareness programs, procedures to follow when a sex offense occurs, disciplinary action procedures, counseling opportunities, and notification to students that UB will make reasonable changes of a victim's academic and living situation if the victim so chooses
  • Policies on the use, possession and sale of alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs
  • A description of programs informing the campus community about alcohol and drug abuse education, crime prevention and campus security practices
  • Sex offender registry information

University at Buffalo institutional data is available at the US Department of Education office of post-secondary education  (select institutional enrollment 20,000 - 29,999)

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