Residence Hall and Campus Apartment Safety

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Whether you’re in the residence halls, a campus apartment or living off campus, there are steps you can take to prevent crime in and around your home.

Prevent Break-Ins and Theft

  • Lock your doors and windows when you are asleep or when you go out
  • Secure window air conditioners so they cannot be pushed in from outside, allowing someone access to break in
  • If you're in an apartment or house, leave an outside light on from dusk until dawn

Don’t Let Strangers In

  • Have utility repair people and others show their ID
  • If you host a party, don’t let strangers in; just because someone is wearing a UB hoodie, doesn’t mean he or she is a UB student

Practice Good Personal Safety Habits

Be aware of your surroundings. Don’t leave valuables out for someone to take. Use common sense. By following some simple guidelines, you can help keep yourself — and your possessions — safe.

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