Keeping Your Identity and IT Devices Safe

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Learn about avoiding email scams, protecting your devices and where to get help if you've been hacked.

Avoiding Identity Theft

Your UBITName is valuable. Keeping it and your password safe is one of the best defenses against identity theft.

Correctly configuring and securing your mobile device is not only the best way to prevent theft, but will give you the best chance for recovery if it's lost or stolen.

Keeping Personally Identifiable Information (PII) on your computer is a security risk. Learn the different types of PII that may be located on your computer and download software from UB that can help you remove it.

Malicious scammers will try to get you to provide information about your identity. No agent of UB, police officer or reputable banking agency will every ask for your personally identifiable information by email or over the phone.

Never assume that what you post online will remain private. Always think about how someone might use the information you share.

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