Safety and Crime Prevention

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Your University Police provide services and training to promote safety, crime awareness and prevention. 

  • Your Safety During an Emergency
    Everyone has a role in the campus effort to be prepared and respond to emergencies. Know what you can do if there’s an emergency on campus.
  • Driving and Vehicle Safety
    UB is a pedestrian right of way campus. Driving safely calls for extra awareness.
  • Walking and Biking Safety
    Walking and biking is good exercise and great for the environment. Get tips on how pedestrians and bicyclists can be safe and be seen. 
  • Sexual Assault Prevention
    Everyone can make a difference in preventing sexual violence on campus. We encourage you to understand the importance of consent, speak up when you see or hear disrespectful behavior and get involved in sexual violence prevention groups.
  • Office and Workplace Safety
    As UB community members, we share responsibility for our own personal security and that of our friends and colleagues.
  • Residence Hall and Campus Apartment Safety
    Whether you’re in the residence halls, a campus apartment or living off campus, there are steps you can take to prevent crime in and around your home.
  • Keeping Your Identity and IT Devices Safe
    Learn about avoiding email scams, protecting your devices and where to get help if you've been hacked.
  • Resources for Crime Victims
    If you have been a victim of crime, the effects of your experience can go far beyond the crime itself and can cause you a considerable amount of inconvenience, worry or stress. Your University Police are committed to supporting victims and witnesses during the criminal justice process. We, and those who work with us in the criminal justice system, will do all we can to help you feel safe, informed and supported.

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