Sexual Assault Anonymous Report

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This form is for anonymously reporting a sexual assault to University Police. Data compiled from this form assists with the compilation of statistical records for assaults that occur on the campus, in compliance with the Federal Student Right to Know and Campus Security Act. Filing this form will not result in an investigation.


  1. Complete the online form below. A person who has been assaulted may fill out this form himself or herself and send it to University Police or may ask a third party (such as a friend or a counselor) to do so.
  2. Submit the form by clicking Submit Form button at the end.

All information will be kept confidential. Your anonymous report of a sexual assault will be received by the New York State University Police. This report will not result in an investigation. If the victim changes their mind and needs to file a report, they can do so at any time by calling 716-645-2222.

Responsibility to Report

Campus personnel, other than those with significant counseling responsibility (such as licensed professionals or certified counselors), must file a report when informed by a student of a sexual assault, to maintain campus compliance with the Federal Crime Awareness Act.

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