Top Five Brightspace Tips for Instructors

A hand drawn image of a lightbulb on yellow post-it paper, pinned to a cork board.

Here are our top five Brightspace tips and steps we recommend instructors know and do before the fall 2023 semester starts. 


Activate Your Course

Instructors must make a course active before students can access it.


Create Discussion Forum Threads

Instructors need to create a topic inside of a discussion forum before students can create threads or posts.


Enable Panopto Provisions

If adding Panopto videos to your course, you must provision the course first. 


Encourage Students to Adjust Instant Notification Settings

Instructors cannot send copies of announcements as emails. Encourage students to set their Instant Notifications to receive email updates when new announcements are posted. Students and instructors can install the Brightspace Pulse app to receive real-time alerts based on their Instant Notification settings.


Inform Students of Respondus Lockdown Browser Changes

Students need to launch Respondus LockDown Browser from a quiz inside of Brightspace. They cannot access Brightspace by launching the LockDown Browser app first.