FAQ: Access to Blackboard Ends on Dec. 1, 2023

Now that all courses are being delivered using Brightspace, we enter the final phase of UB’s Learning Management System Transition, which involves shutting down the Blackboard service. Access to Blackboard ends on Friday, Dec. 1, 2023. Below are some frequently asked questions about the shutdown.

FAQ for Instructors

Do I need to migrate any course content from Blackboard to Brightspace?

All course content currently on Blackboard (Spring 2022 through Summer 2023) has been migrated to Brightspace and is available in the MIG or Admin tabs in the My Courses widget.

You can also export course content from Blackboard as a backup or import it into Brightspace.

How long will courses remain on Brightspace?

Migrated course content from credit-bearing courses will remain on Brightspace for two years following the end of the semester in which the courses were taught. For example, Spring 2022 migrated content will be removed from Brightspace after the end of the Spring 2024 semester.

Credit-bearing courses taught on Brightspace will be removed from the system one year after the end of the semester in which they were taught. For example, Summer 2023 Brightspace courses will be removed after the end of the Summer 2024 sessions.

How will students with incompletes from past terms finish coursework after Dec. 1?

After Dec. 1, a student can finish incompletes by submitting coursework to the instructor offline, or the instructor can enroll the student in the Brightspace version of the course. Instructors should download any information they need (grades, student submissions, etc.) from the Blackboard course before Dec. 1.

What if I need to back up student grades and interactions?

Instructors can download grades, assignment submissions and quiz submissions. Discussion posts need to be copied and pasted from Blackboard to a word processing program. Please note the following:

  • Assignment and quiz submissions need to be downloaded individually; there is no bulk download submissions tool in Blackboard.
  • Although you can create an archive file with grades and student interactions, UB will no longer have a Blackboard server to view the information stored in the archive file.

In addition, an archive of Blackboard grades and student interactions for courses delivered from Spring 2022 through Summer 2023 will be available for three years. This is an archive of data, not a functioning Learning Management System. Instructors can request Blackboard course information by contacting the UB Learns support team.

Additional questions?

If you have questions about access to Blackboard ending on Dec. 1, please contact the UB Learns support team as soon as possible.

FAQ for Students

  • If you are a student finishing an incomplete, make sure you are in contact with your instructor and know how to proceed after access to Blackboard ends on Dec. 1, 2023.
  • If you are still accessing administrative courses, contact the instructor(s) for information on the plans to transition to Brightspace before Blackboard is shut down.
  • If you are a student downloading coursework or a portfolio for future reference, please finish before Dec. 1, 2023.

How do I see past-term courses on Blackboard?

By default, Blackboard courses become unavailable to students the first business day after grades are due, so students will onlly see administrative courses and credit-bearing courses courses where the instructor has extended student access in Blackboard.

If you need access to othe past-term courses, you will need to reach out to the instructors and request extended enrollment.

How do I download my portfolios from Blackboard?

  1. Click the More link for the portfolio you want to download.
  2. Select Download from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click Click to download Portfolio. A ZIP file will download containing all the files for your portfolio.
  4. Double-click the ZIP file to expand it.
  5. Open the folder created by the ZIP file.
  6. Double-click index.html to view your portfolio in a browser.

Additional questions?

If you have questions about access to Blackboard ending on Dec. 1, please contact the UB Learns support team as soon as possible.