Current Residents

Coalesce generally accepts 4–6 residents per academic year.  Residents have access to dedicated laboratory space and equipment, the opportunity to form mentorships with UB faculty in the life sciences, and are provided the creative space and technical support to study genomic and microbiomic concepts.


Rae Yuping Hsu: How Many Citizens are Living in this Body?

Julian Stadon & Roland van Dierendonck: Feel your Fermented Biome

Patrick Ravines: Project Electrophoresis

Jason E. Geistweidt: (|21(|<3']['5: Experimental inquiries into computational insect behavior

Laura Marris: The Age of Loneliness: An Atlas of Extremes

Jean-Charles de Quillacq: Corporeal Commons

Wafaa Bilal: In a Grain of Wheat.

Wafaa Bilal: In a Grain of Wheat

Lucy Helton.

Lucy Helton: SCOBY