About Us

We are a University at Buffalo Community of Excellence focused on the integration of research, education and engagement.

  • Our Challenge
    We want to advance understanding of the genome, the microbiome and their interaction with the environment, and to use this knowledge to benefit humanity in a just, broad-based and responsible manner—truly a grand challenge of our time.
  • Our Vision
    GEM will advance genome science to help empower people with the tools necessary to understand personal health issues, leading to improved lifestyle choices. Our expanded understanding of the genome, microbiome and environmental factors will revolutionalize the emerging field of personalized medicine. We will lead the way in using this knowledge to benefit humanity in a just, broad-based and responsible manner—truly a grand challenge of our time. 
  • Our Leadership
    Our advisory committees work with our leadership team to facilitate and foster the research, education and engagement activities of the community.
  • About the University
    The University at Buffalo has three campuses: the North Campus in suburban Amherst, the South Campus on Main Street in a North Buffalo neighborhood and the growing Downtown Campus, encompassing several buildings in downtown Buffalo.
  • About Buffalo-Niagara
    The Buffalo-Niagara region is a major metropolitan area with a diverse blend of communities, each with its own distinct character and all united in a rich panorama of life.