Mandatory Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

In 2018, New York State enacted a requirement that all employers, including the University at Buffalo, ensure that their employees complete sexual harassment prevention training annually.   

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion provides different options for completing the training:  an online program through UBlearns, and in-person sessions.  Departments, schools, and administrative units can also choose to schedule a dedicated in-person session for their employees.  If you completed sexual harassment prevention training from a different organization this calendar year, you may upload your completion information, and this will satisfy UB's requirement.

On this page:

Online Training

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion has developed an online program that meets all New York State requirements for sexual harassment prevention training.  This program is available in UBlearns, and is comprised of three sections:

  1. A PowerPoint and narrative that explain the definition of sexual harassment, examples of harassing conduct, options for reporting internally and to external enforcement agencies, prohibitions against retaliation for reporting harassment, and the obligations of supervisors of managers when they become aware of harassing conduct.  This program also informs faculty and professional staff of their obligations to report sexual harassment and sexual violence that students disclose to them or that they become aware of. 
  2. A link to the Discrimination and Harassment Policy, along with an acknowledgement of the policy
  3. A post-test with case studies
Employees can take the online training in their office or wherever they have access to UBlearns, at a time that is convenient for them.

Accessing the Course

The University at Buffalo is offering an online harassment prevention course in UBlearns.  Completing this course is one way of meeting your obligation to receive sexual harassment prevention training.

Ensure you are using the current version of Chrome, Firefox or Safari as your browser (not supported with IE - Internet Explorer). 

All employees will take the training via UBlearns 

  1. Open Chrome, Firefox, or Safari as your browser.  Log into UBlearns using your UBIT name and password.
  2. To enroll in the course, Select the ‘Courses’ tab at the left.
  3.  Enter EDISHP into the Course Search box, Select the 'Go' button.
  4. You will see the course listed in the bottom half of the screen, next to ADM_EDI_0420 select the 'down arrow' button and enroll.
  5. Click the 'submit' button – you will see a message that you are enrolled into the course.
  6. Click the 'OK' button (lower right-hand corner) and the course will launch.  You will see an introductory greeting from President Tripathi.
  7. Click the “Assignments” tab on the left-hand side.  You will see a link titled, “UB Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Course - EDISHP.”  Click on the play button to begin the video.  Or in the lower right corner of the video select 'View in Panopto' or the down arrow to download the video.  EDI strives to make its trainings as accessible as possible.  Please view the tab “Alternative Formats and Accessibility Features” if you would like to access a training script and for a variety of alternative formats..
  8. When the video is complete, return to the “Assignments” tab in UBLearns and select “Mark Reviewed.”  Mark Reviewed is a blue button located below the video.  A link to UB’s Discrimination and Harassment Policy will appear.  Click on the link.
  9. Review the Discrimination and Harassment Policy.  When you have finished, return to the “Assignments” tab in UBLearns and acknowledge receipt of the policy by selecting “Mark Reviewed.”  The UB Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Quiz will then appear.
  10. Click on the link and complete the quiz.  Click on Save and Submit.  UBLearns will ask you to acknowledge your submission, click the ‘OK’ button.  The next page is a summary page.  Click the ‘OK’ button in the lower right corner.  You grade will appear.
  11. To view your grade, click on the left navigation column and select "My Grades."  In the main area of the screen click "My Grades" again and then your grade will display.  If your grade is above 75%, you have successfully passed the course.  You must then go the the Assignments tab and click on 'Mark Reviewed'. Your grade will be recorded and UB will have a record of your completion.
  12. You do not need to submit a Certificate of Completion for your grade to be recorded, but you can print a certificate if you’d like this for your own records.  In order to create and print a Certificate of Completion, click on the View/Print Certificate tab.” If you grade is above 75%, click on the View/Print Certificate on the left navigation column.  This will bring you to the view Certificate.


  1. Turn your computer speakers on if you would like to listen to the course narrator.
  2. If you are using a mobile device to access the course, you may need to complete the course in a web browser on your device. Or you may download the Blackboard App from either the App Store for Apple or the Google Play for Droids.  The App is named Blackboard, by Blackboard Inc.  Search for SUNY – University at Buffalo to find UB’s courses.  You will be prompted to sign-in with your UBITName and Password.  You will then be prompted for your DUO authentication.  From there follow the instructions from #2 on.
  3. View the Frequently Asked Questions page or contact Equity, Diversity and Inclusion by email at, or by phone at (716) 645-2266 for additional assistance. 
If you have difficulties accessing the training, please call the Office of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) at (716) 645-2266.

The University at Buffalo will provide reasonable accommodations to ensure individuals with disabilities have equal access to the training content. Please contact Equity, Diversity and Inclusion by email at, or by phone at (716) 645-2266 for assistance.

In-Person Sessions

EDI will be providing live, 30-minute training sessions for departments and employees who would prefer an in-person training.  These sessions will include all of the New York State-required information, as well as information for faculty and professional staff about their obligation to report when they become aware of sexual harassment or sexual violence experienced by students.  Stay tuned for updates about live sessions for the calendar year 2020.

Departmental Sessions

Supervisors, managers, and unit leaders can schedule an in-person training for employees in their area.  Complete a training request form and indicate "Sexual Harassment" in the topic section.

If You've Completed Training Elsewhere

Many people with UB appointments have taken training elsewhere.  This training will count toward meeting UB's requirements if it meets guidelines established by the New York State Division of Human Rights.