Submitting an External (non-UB) Training Certificate

Use this form to submit proof that you completed sexual harassment prevention training this calendar year from a provider other than UB.

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Please use this form only if you completed training outside of UB (for example, at a hospital or other work location).  Individuals who complete UB's training course will be automatically credited and do not need to submit a certificate.

Training Requirements

In order to meet the University at Buffalo's annual training requirement, you must have completed the training this calendar year.  The training must also meet the following requirements consistent with guidance outlined by the New York State Division of Human Rights.

You must review the University's Discrimination and Harassment policy prior to submitting your external Certificate of Completion.

Mandated Reporter Requirements

Faculty and staff should be aware of the following:

Title IX requires most faculty and staff to disclose when they witness, or receive a report from a student of sexual violence or sexual harassment. Equity, Diversity and Inclusion is the University at Buffalo’s designated office to receive these reports.

The requirement applies to all academic faculty members, as well as professionals in academic advisement, career services, continuing education, financial aid, instructional support, athletics, residential life, or student activities/affairs. 

Complete and Submit Your Training Certificate

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