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Use this form to record individuals who completed sexual harassment prevention training through a live session.

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Live Sessions

Supervisors, managers, unit leaders, and training liaisons can schedule a live training for employees in their area.  Complete a training request form and indicate "Sexual Harassment" in the topic section.  EDI can also join a regular meeting of your department, school, or area to provide this training.  

During the COVID-19 pandemic, EDI is encouraging departments to use Zoom or other remote platforms to arrange for live training.  We also understand that UB has employees who do not use computers as part of their job duties.  EDI will work with departments to ensure we can deliver sexual harassment prevention training to every UB employee.

In order to accurately record who attended the trainings, training liaisons or meeting organizers should send a roster to EDI with the attendees' names and person numbers upon completion of the training.  EDI can send a pre-populated department, school, or area roster to you prior to the training session upon request to facilitate tracking.

Upload your Live Session Roster

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