Raising nutritional awareness among college students

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I am a founding member of the UB Munchies group in which we utilized our instagram page and stakeholders to facilitate positive change for students in regards to nutritional awareness, positive eating and lifestyle choices, sustainability, and personal autonomy. I served as the coordinator who facilitated communication with the North Tonowanda Farmer's Market where I was able to set up a UB Day at the market and create $1000 worth of vouchers for students to use. I also created a flyers and received approval from the UB Student Association to hand out these flyers on campus for 4 days.

What I learned

My biggest takeaway was being able to step out of my comfort zone and push myself and accomplish a lot within a short amount of time while tackling the problem through a unique approach and perspective.|Overall, this has provided professional experience when dealing with bureaucratic elements such as approval and proved that I am an asset in being able to connect and utilize multiple stakeholders in order to facilitate change through a specialized mission and plan.

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