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Importance of Partnerships

In the world of project-based collaboration, partnerships are critical vehicles for providing meaningful opportunities for student learning and real-world engagement. The ELN seeks to cultivate existing relationships and new collaborations toward deeper student learning and opportunities to engage, research and innovate. 

Project-Based Experiential Learning

Project Portal

The ELN's Project Portal is a brand new way for you list opportunities for students to collaborate with you. You can start by exploring the the types of projects that are already listed. Then, consider how you could transform the needs of your organization into a project-based learning experience for UB students. 

Resources and Information

Our Experiential Learning Model

Prepare. Engage. Add value. Reflect. Leverage. These are the foundations of the ELN's PEARL model for high-impact experiential learning, which expands on the field's best practices to stretch the impacts of experiential learning. 

Global Partner Studio (GPS)

The ELN hosted the inaugural GPS Institute in October 2018 to bring together global partners around three interdisciplinary topics. Notably, many student projects on our new Project Portal stemmed from that innovative week of collaboration. If you wish to begin a partnership with ELN or transform an existing partnership, reach out to Mara Huber to discuss the possibilities!

Stories of Collaboration

Capturing the essence of transformative learning experiences is an exciting part of the ELN's learning model. Take a moment to read about how UB students collaborate with faculty and community mentors in Buffalo and around the world.