Our Model

Prepare. Engage. Add value. Reflect. Leverage. 


We recognize that even the best experiential learning offerings must be “activated” by students who are committed to getting and giving the most to their experiences.

Our PEARL framework serves as the foundation for both our Project Profiles and our Digital Badges that guide student engagement. PEARL stands for Prepare, Engage and Add Value, Reflect, and Leverage—all critical steps toward activating the potential of high-impact experiential learning to support students' academic and career goals.

PEARL & Student Learning

Students are invited to browse projects through our Project Portal and get started via our Digital Badge sequence that corresponds with the PEARL framework:

  1. Prepare:  set intentions; develop context relevant to project focus
  2. Engage and Add Value: make a plan and execute with feedback from mentor while adding value in collaboration with core partners
  3. Reflect: revisit intentions and create a narrative that connects experience with academic and professional goals
  4. Leverage: build on experience toward greater impact and craft your change maker story

We believe that the best projects connect with students’ unique interests and passions. Our portal includes a broad range of projects proposed by UB faculty, students, alum and partners within the University and around the world. We encourage students to work at their own pace, engaging through affiliated courses (listed in profiles on the Portal) or independently through ELN Digital Badges. By joining other students or building on past projects, students can strengthen existing efforts, or create their own projects to begin a new legacy.

Explore projects, get inspired and make an impact.

  • 2/10/21
    Collaborate with ELN's international partners on customized projects that support the UN Sustainable Development Goals and communities around the world.
  • 10/29/20
    ELN's digital badges will help you build skills for your career while engaging in your mentored project.