Gary Loope: Combating Differential Access To Educational Resources

Providing free tutoring resources to students in the Buffalo Public School system

About the project

Final project outcome

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What I did

Photo of UB homework helpers flyer.

For my project, I alongside a team of other students, worked to bring free tutoring resources to students in the Buffalo Public School system. Originally, we attempted to establish a program on our own, but later pivoted and ended up starting a partnership with an organization - AOC's Homework Helpers. Homework Helpers is an established program in New York City that serves students in the capacity of providing free of charge tutoring for students K-12. As it currently stands, we are starting our own branch of the Homework Helpers program at UB that will utilize students as the tutor base, benefitting both the students in Buffalo Public Schools and at UB!

What I learned

Our biggest takeaway from this was that the people and organizations you choose to partner with tend to matter far more than one could reasonably expect. Not only do they allow for more work to be completed, but also allow for the pooling of resources and time to achieve a greater end result.

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