Experiential Learning Stories

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“My favorite part of the trip overall was exploring, especially the wells and well systems, seeing what was built 450 years ago and the innovation at the time.” - Xander Covert

“In the long run, twenty or thirty years from now, my goal is to go back to Africa, to refugee camps and schools, and teach English. And having this experience of teaching kids and adults, I’ll be able to do that.” - Mame Salim

"We had to change the way we approached the project. We had to think about it in more unorthodox ways to make it work." - Daniel & Shanelle

“I grew up in rural PA, so I know how nice it is to go outside and pick my own tomato or cucumber and not have to go to the store. I want to see how other people feel about having these gardens and how they use them.” - Emmalee Sherman

"We're definitely looking to build a community out of it. We’re looking for ways to get people involved, and we’re trying to figure out the best way to do that, to engage people.” - Brett, Brandon, Pururva, Ayla (Team Climate Change)

"I didn't know anything about sustainable fashion until I went on this trip to Berlin. Now, I'm raising awareness on campus and coming up with ideas on how to better the environment through eco-friendly fashion." - Elizabeth Roth

“I wanted to get more involved in the school. I heard the Sophomore Living Learning Community was one of the best ways to do that, and I love that we all have our own projects to work on throughout the year as a part of this experience." -Aliaya Williams

"Getting involved outside of class is the best thing I’ve done. It’s a way to build confidence in what you’re doing in the field." - Derek Burghardt