Experiential Learning Stories

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Yijia Pan smiles in a suit.

"Due to the evolving pandemic, most companies and their leaders need to change their business strategy, so [this project] is an excellent chance to observe their reaction....I can learn how they use their soft skills in dealing with the changes, such as leading the team and communicating with the public." - Yijia Pan

Pemba and Hemanta smile together in front of the ELN sign.

"I understand the situation I am in today. I had the opportunity to come to the United States and obtain my degree from UB. I’ve learned so much; I’ve met so many incredible people. And now, I have the resources and the experiences, and I can use those and apply those to my very own community where I grew up, to uplift it and use my knowledge to help others. It’s definitely a great feeling, and we’re so incredibly excited and happy that this project has turned out the way it has." - Pemba Sherpa 

I was raised with the saying: The ‘No’ is guaranteed. The ‘no’ is always there. So you have to search for the ‘Yes’ and go for the ‘Yes.’ It is kind of scary to talk to professors and professionals, but you should do it. It doesn’t matter if it’s with research, volunteering, or internships, I think it’s very important to seek out experience. - Maria Lantyer

“I went on UB’s website to find an experience. I didn’t realize it would be life-changing.” - Marie Meltzer

I wanted to get more involved in the school. I heard the Sophomore Living Learning Community was one of the best ways to do that, and I love that we all have our own projects to work on throughout the year as a part of this experience. - Aliaya Williams

My favorite part of the trip overall was exploring, especially the wells and well systems, seeing what was built 450 years ago and the innovation at the time. - Xander Covert

Henry smiles in his interview.

“The first step is reaching out and talking to someone. And if you can just get through that step, the process becomes so much easier. I promise you: you will not regret just talking and asking questions and getting to know people. You won’t regret it. It’s the best decision you’ll make in your time at UB.” - Henry Dacres

In the long run, twenty or thirty years from now, my goal is to go back to Africa, to refugee camps and schools, and teach English. And having this experience of teaching kids and adults, I’ll be able to do that. - Mame Salim