S. David Farr Scholarship Fund

UB Graduate student working with children in a classroom.

This fund supports students in the Graduate School of Education who are interested in the interface of learning and technology.

Dr. Farr’s accomplishments include developing a computerized communication system for the Stein family and their son, Matthew. This fund, named in Dr. Farr’s honor, provides a scholarship for students pursuing a graduate program in the Graduate School of Education at the University at Buffalo. Preference is given to students who are studying or conducting research in a program that includes the interface of learning and technology.

“Dr. Farr’s ingenuity, perseverance, kindness and determination made a tremendous difference in our son’s life, and for this, we wish to honor him,” wrote the Stein family. The fund was established by Drs. Ronald & Andrea Stein and Dr. S. David & Mrs. Mary Lou Farr, and is available to students in the departments of Counseling, School and Educational Psychology; Educational Leadership and Policy; and Learning and Instruction.

Dr. Farr collaborated with engineering professors and others throughout UB to refine the communication system, which displayed type on a computer screen, and “spoke” with a synthesized voice. Dr. Farr continued to refine the system, and made it available to others to use.

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