Marceline Jaques Scholarship Fund

Students of the School of Public Health take part in lesson about community accessibility for people with disabilities.

Students demonstrating outstanding achievement in counseling people with disabilities can receive a scholarship through this fund.

The Marceline Jaques Scholarship Fund provides an annual scholarship to a student pursuing graduate studies in the field of rehabilitation, with preference given to doctoral students.

The fund was established in 2004 by Dr. Daniel J. Kuna, Ph.D. '74, in honor of Dr. Marceline Jaques, UB Professor Emeritus.

Past recipients include a master's degree student who became a community integration counselor helping people with TBI (traumatic brain injury); a master's degree student who returned to her homeland, Taiwan, to improve rehabilitation services for people with disabilities; a doctoral student in the counselor education program researching help-seeking behavior and ethics; and another doctoral student in the same program working on quality of life issues associated with brain injuries.

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