Obtaining Single-Order Licenses

Branded consumable products require use of a UB collegiate licensed vendor. However, there are instances when the product is so uncommon or infrequently purchased (e.g., an engraved cutting board) that a collegiate licensed vendor is not available. In these rare cases, a single-order license can be issued. However a single-order license will be allowed only if preapproved by the UB Trademarks and Licensing office prior to any purchase requisitioning and/or production.

Please note that if you’re seeking an exception to our collegiate licensed vendor rule, there are five conditions that must apply before we issue a single-order license:

  • The item must be unique.
  • It must be proprietary in nature.
  • It must be not available from any UB collegiate licensed vendor.
  • It must be exempt from royalties.
  • The unlicensed company must not have accepted an order from any UB entity within the same calendar year.

Only one single-order license is allowed per unlicensed vendor per calendar year. If the unlicensed vendor has already accepted an order from the university within the same calendar year, you may not place your order with that vendor until the next calendar year even if it’s an exact reprint. If the unlicensed vendor is found to be receiving multiple orders from UB within the same calendar year, the vendor should contact our current licensing agent as soon as possible to discuss licensing options.

If you believe that your item/vendor meets the exception conditions above, we encourage you to call the UB Trademarks and Licensing office at 716-645-4585 to discuss next steps.