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Connecting with sftp

You can upload and download files using sftp. These directions apply to both Macintosh and Linux computers.

Uploading and Downloading

Connect to UBUnix from a Terminal window or console from the command line:


No characters will appear when you enter your password. The prompt sftp> will appear. Navigate to your files by typing:

cd /ubfs/myfiles/1st_letter_UBITName/2nd_letter_UBITName/UBITName

where 1st_letter__UBITName and 2nd_letter_UBITName are the first and second letters of your UBITName and UBITName is your UBITName.

To upload a file, enter:

put filename

where filename is the name of your file.

To download a file to your computer, enter:

get filename

where filename is the name of your file.

Still need help?

Don't know your UBITName or password? Call 716-645-3542, visit one of our two walk-in locations, or send a message.

(xxx) xxx-xxxx
Use your email, if known